About the Author

Jason Jahns, is a fraud…

The author and his expertise, however, are very real. In the interest of minimizing distractions while maximizing privacy, Jahn’s uses a pseudonym to keep his private life just that.  But while he has chosen to loosely conceal his real identity, the experiences and expertise on which base the fiction is based are genuine, and considerable.“Jason’s” professional and personal history is steeped in international business and politics, cutting-edge technologies, Asian culture, and religion. He has a PhD and undergraduate degree from Harvard,  has held professorships and deanships in the best US and international Institutions, run think tanks, and advised prime ministers and CEOs in major corporations on five continents. He has also authored critically-acclaimed and top selling works of non-fiction.

Jason lives with his partner in Arizona, enjoying long hikes amidst saguaros, coyotes, and rattlesnakes.

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