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Gman: A Mormon Spy Story by Jason JahnsGman: A Mormon Spy Story

Nephi Stevensen is deeply compromised. A former Mormon missionary, he is now a student by day and a spy by night. Curious yet obedient, over-achieving Nephi strives to out-Bond James Bond even as his job is tearing him apart. With deep religious convictions and personal safety on the line, Nephi begins to question his commitment to his country. He works to extract himself from a blackmailed existence as a spy, even as he is rubbing shoulders with prime ministers, movie stars, and KGB agents. In Harvard Final Clubs, Mekong Swift Boats, Singaporean hawker centers, classrooms, ancient temples, and his girlfriend’s apartment, Nephi makes choices that bring him step by step closer to his final decision: embrace his inner-murderer or end it all…

Nephi’s story is told through the eyes of his 15-year-old son, Jake, who has never met his father. Jake is learning about Nephi for the first time while sitting in the basement sifting through a carefully arranged, hidden box of correspondence, diaries, and government documents. As son comes to know father, Jake also learns about himself – scared to death he may end up just like his dad.

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