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What readers are saying:

Fantastic Read.  (5/5 Stars)

“The plot twists and turns like a Clancy novel (OK, may not be THAT many stories running at once). You have two heroes that, at least in Miranda’s case, don’t seem like heroes at all.


If you enjoy action stories, complex story lines and just generally darn good writing, Kodachrome is certainly worth checking out!”  -Stephen M. Lerch



“Finished Kodachrome and loved it! I was trying to figure out what comes next all the way till the end, and was always pleasantly surprised. Kudos to you!”


” I loved the suspense and mystery – wondering why Bea is like that, trying to understand the mind of Miranda, enjoying the mysterious figure of Oko, etc.  It’s highly informative & intellectual read because of the diversity of topics you included in the book: China, Rwanda, Mormons, Japanese, Facebook, Twitter, technology, etc”


“Love the twists.   I love how things come together in the end.  Overall, amazing diversity & international setting of the story.”


“I’ve only been able to read a couple of chapters…but  I’ve been “hooked”.  I really look forward to sitting down to read what is going to happen next. The story line is excellent.”


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